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Greetings from Katana Golf Co., Ltd.!

Our company history dates all the way back to 1999 when we first launched our long-distance driver, KATANA 320. Shortly after, we have been acknowledged as the best-in-class for producing HICOR, non-conforming drivers under our very own brand, SWORD.

Implemented with a special titanium head attached to a 48-inch long shaft, SWORD drivers started to become a revelation among golfers, quickly earning over 100,000 avid Katana Golf supporters. Since then on, we have become a mainstay and leader in developing Japanese premium quality, long-distance HICOR golf clubs.


In 2006, when rebound speeds were measured and regulated by the golf association, we successfully launched our famous SWORD iZU MAX COR Driver, which had an unforeseen rebound speed of 0.87 m/s. During this time, we also entered the Thailand market for about 4 years, selling many famous models such as SWORD iZU MAX COR and SWORD SNIPER Drivers. However, due to limited production capacity in our factory in Matsuyama, Japan, we have stopped selling in Thailand, and fully focused on selling only in the East Asian market (Japan, Korea, China) for the time being.

In 2012, we launched our second brand, AXA GOLF, which was targeted for golfers aiming for softer feeling on impact and easier balance for each shot. Therefore, AXA GOLF quickly gained love from many lady and senior golfers.


Solving our prior capacity problems, in August 2019, we officially entered the SE Asian market first in Hanoi, Vietnam, and aiming to quickly expand to Thailand and Myanmar shortly after. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic, our time to enter the Thailand market has been delayed, but we have finally returned back to Thailand in December 2022, with our products first being launched at the Classic Golf shop in Thaniya Plaza.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation for all the love and support given to us by our beloved customers and golfers, and we promise to always stay focused and motivated to produce the best quality golf clubs for golfers to enjoy a great round of golf while using our products.

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Our Official Partners in Thailand

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